Boxing Equipment

Blue Boxing Gloves, High Quality Boxing Gloves
Boxing Gloves
Art # AX-104

1. Boxing Gloves Made of Synthetic Leather / Genuine Leather / Goat Skin Leather

2. Maximum Comfort & Support Dense, Latex Injection Mold Filling Protects your Hands

    During Sparring with Heavy Bag Use

3. Conformed to the Natural Shape of the Fist to provide an Ergonomic & Comfortable Fit

4. Velcro Wrist Strap offers a Secure & Comfortable Fit

5. Full Padding on the Front & Back of the Wrist to Promote Proper Punching Technique

6. Sizes: 8-oz,  10-oz , 12-oz , 14-oz , 16-oz

7. Other colours and Designs are also available on demand.


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